Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The garden is winding down even though I wish it wasn't. Got lots of big breen tomatos, corn that's not quite ready. So far I have harvested quite a few peas,a few pounds of taters, lots of apples.
There are some squash and zukes but unless we get some more days of sunshine I don't hold out much hope.Seems like winter is on it's way.

The Bf gave me a neat camera for my birthday, you can set it to take a still frame picture every minute or 20 seconds or once a day if you like. It's water proof and ment to be used outdoors. Then you can play it like a video using some software it came with. If I get any that are intersesting I'll post them.

Now for the really big news...the BF boat is almost finished! He's got ther trailer all set up and I think all he needs are oars and life jackets.
It is a sailboat but he will work on putting in the mast and daggerboard over the winter so it will be ready to sail next summer but for now it's a snazzy big rowboat!!

A Short clip pf some backyard squirrel mischief. We seem to have about 4 that raid the bird feeders now

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