Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Got ourselves something of a little blizard here in the PNW
We got about 3 inches or so here yesterday and with record low temps a lot of people had a real nasty commute last night. I played it safe and didn't go in to work as my shift is 4.45 to 8.45pm. Found out  they closed early so I didn't feel too bad.

Been keeping the backyard critters fed through the cold snap. Lots of bird seed and suet cakes and peanuts. The Stellar jays and the local squirrel family really like the peanuts. We have one squirrel who seems to have hogged all the food I put out as he is really obese, I mean this is one fat squirrel. Better call Jenny Craig!
They are becomming pretty tame too.Yesterday Bf was able to walk right up to a squirrel raiding the birdfeeder and touch him.
We have been privvy to several hummingbird aireal dogfights. I have two feeders out there but everyone wants to "own" just the one. They are fearless little guys. I've seen them divebomb birds 10 times their size, ( chickens) squirrels and even boyfriends.

I've been into crocheting lately, mostly just to use up the giant yarn blob in the closet. Seems like every time I sit down to work on it something seems to get in the way...

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Sheila E said...

Beautiful picture of the snow! We luckily escaped it...down in Oakland, CA. in the SUN!!
Our hummingbirds are....gone. Probably at your place.
Happy Holidays Dear One...Hugs to you and the BF...and critters, one and ALL!!